Unveiling the Truth: 6 Common Lies of Software Companies in Lebanon

Mohamed Soufan
4 min readDec 17, 2023

Lebanon’s tech scene is buzzing with new software companies making big promises. But be careful, not everything they say is true. Just like in other industries, sometimes these companies exaggerate to get your attention.

In this article, we’re going to uncover six common lies that some of these companies tell. It’s important to know these so you don’t make the wrong choices. We’re not just pointing out lies; we’re pushing for honesty in the tech world.

We’ll talk about promises that are too good to be true and services that don’t deliver what they claim. I want to help you see through these tricks, so you can make smart tech decisions in Lebanon. Let’s dive in and find out the truth behind these exciting promises!

1. “The Best Technology in the World” Myth

In meetings with clients and software reps, I often clarify a big myth: there’s no such thing as the ‘best technology in the world’. Every project is different and needs its own special tech solution. Let’s stop saying one technology is the best. It’s not true and honestly, it’s quite annoying!

2. “Fully Customizable Software” Overpromise

Many software companies in Lebanon say their products can do anything for any business. But the truth is, every business is unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all software. It’s important to choose software that really fits your specific business needs.

3. “100% Hacker-Proof Software” Exaggeration

As a cybersecurity expert, I can tell you that most software in Lebanon has big security weaknesses. Even someone new to cybersecurity can spot these issues with a quick test. But, you’ll hear software companies in Lebanon say their software is totally safe.

The truth is, no software in the world is 100% secure — all software can be hacked.

4. “Constant Updates and Improvements” Reality Check

Software companies often promise ongoing updates and improvements. But in reality, this doesn’t always happen. These updates depend on resources, customer feedback, and market trends. So, take these promises with a grain of salt.

Not all companies can keep up with constant changes and demands.

5. “Quick Return on Investment” Simplification

It’s common to hear promises of fast returns on your software investment. But it’s not that simple. The actual return depends on how well the software fits your business and how you use it. It’s more than just buying software; it’s about integrating it into your business strategy.

6. “Custom-Made Software” Misrepresentation

Custom software companies in Lebanon often use cheap, ready-made templates

Be wary of companies claiming to build custom software from scratch. Many actually use cheap, ready-made templates from abroad, just changing colors and branding. This isn’t just in Lebanon; it’s a global issue. But it’s pretty common here to sell these templates as custom-made software.

My Experience with Lebanon’s Custom Software Companies

I’ve been shocked to find out that some software in Lebanon is just a fancy markup. Imagine paying over $100,000 for something that’s actually a template worth just a few hundred dollars. Yes, these are real situations I’ve come across!

It’s pretty common here. People show me their websites or apps, proud of their investment, but a quick check often shows they’re just pre-made templates. They’ve paid a huge price for something quite basic. This isn’t just misleading; it’s unethical!

Free Software Diagnostic in Lebanon

Unveil the Reality of Your Software

Got a website or mobile app? I’m offering a free check-up to see if it’s custom-made or based on a template. Reach out and let’s see what you’ve got. Moreover, I’ll help you understand your project better!

FAQs About Custom Software Companies in Lebanon

Are there good software companies in Lebanon?

While there are good software companies in Lebanon, it’s important to research and choose carefully, as not all live up to their promises.

Are software companies in Lebanon trustworthy?

As seen in my experiences, some may overcharge for basic template-based solutions. It’s crucial to verify claims and ensure you’re getting what you pay for.

Is software in Lebanon worth it?

Some software companies in Lebanon might overpromise or misrepresent their products, so verifying their claims and reviewing their track record is essential for making an informed decision.

Is Lebanon the tech hub of the Middle East?

Lebanon is emerging as a player in the tech scene, but calling it the tech hub of the Middle East might be a stretch. The market is growing, yet it faces challenges like quality assurance and ethical practices in software development.

Are there custom-made software in Lebanon?

While custom software development exists in Lebanon, it’s quite rare. Most software companies in Lebanon tend to use pre-made templates, which they then sell as custom-made software.

Concluding Thoughts: Navigating Lebanon’s Software Development Scene

In summary, Lebanon’s software development sector is full of promise but also has its share of challenges. As we’ve seen, many companies make big claims that don’t always match up with reality. From the myth of ‘the best technology in the world’ to overhyped custom solutions, these misrepresentations can lead to costly mistakes.

It’s important to be skeptical and pay close attention when dealing with these claims. Remember, no technology fits all, total customization is rare, and no software is completely secure. Being aware of these truths can prevent poor decisions. Also, be mindful that promises of constant software updates, quick ROI, and custom-made solutions can be exaggerated. Keeping these points in mind is key to making smart choices in Lebanon’s tech landscape.

Originally published at https://soufan.me on December 17, 2023.



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